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We need your help!

Support a ministry that changes a child's future by joining the French Camp Academy family. Your support allows at-risk youth a safe, healthy environment to learn and grow, both intellectually and spiritually. All we're missing now, is you!


It takes a LOT to keep French Camp Academy going, and without the continuous support through prayer, we would be lost! From our students to our house parents to our counseling program, support our many ministries from afar by lifting them in prayer. Start the conversation on how your church group can play a vital role in French Camp Academy's future today.

For a current list of opportunities contact Tom Dickson at


Do you know a child struggling in school or surrounded by negative influences? French Camp Academy may be the perfect, stable environment to help he or she get back on track. With our family-style living environment, work-study programs, and focus on academic and spiritual growth, a fresh start at French Camp Academy is the answer.

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We love sharing our testimonials as well as the other amazing ways God is changing lives at French Camp Academy. Teachers, administrators, and former students all have first-hand stories to tell. There are miracles occurring every day that need to be shared.

To request a French Camp Academy speaker, contact Lance Ragsdale at

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