Family Life

A residence home is much more than the place where our students eat and sleep. It's the place where they experience life with others; a place to live and interact with other students; a place where they develop lifelong friendships; and where they read books, write papers, and discuss assignments with their peers. This is also the place where our young people grow in their relationship with the Lord through prayer gatherings and Bible studies. And it’s the place where they are loved by Christian houseparents who have a God-given desire to see them develop in every area of life.


Most of our homes have eight rooms with one student in each room. Rooms may be joined by a bathroom (a suite), or a common bathroom is shared. Typically, there is a cozy living room, where students can stretch out to watch television or chat with other students. Complete kitchen and laundry facilities are also available. The houseparents have an apartment connected to the home and provide our young people with just the right amount of accountability and supervision.



The live-in houseparents are a married couple, often with children of their own. These couples are the loving "parents" to our boarding students for most of the year and provide the family stability that young people need.

This warmth and stability continues outside the home as well, through the work of the dedicated Christian men and women who serve as teachers, administrators, work directors, and valuable friends on the FCA staff.

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