If children grow up in an unhealthy or difficult environment, it can set the stage for struggles. We believe it is never too late to give them a chance to redefine their story and succeed in life. Take part in changing the trajectory of the lives of children in distress, turmoil, or peer pressure overload. Give them an environment that will positively shape them for a successful future. Recommend French Camp Academy to give children a peaceful place to redefine their story--from rocky past to mountaintop future.

Dr. David Chandler

A retired MS Supreme Court Justice and MS Child Protection Services Commissioner, Dr. Chandler shares his strong support of French Camp Academy and encouragement for lawyers and judges to consider FCA as their clients’ first resource.

Why Choose FCA?

  • FCA offers a family-style living environment
  • Students have home parents, schedules, and responsibilites
  • Our teachers care about students' education as well as their spiritual lives.
  • Our work-study program teaches students how to work, develops their skills, and gives them a positive understanding of their abilities.