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4-H Barrel Racing

Dec 20, 2016

4-H Barrel Racing

By Hannah

Training for 4-H Barrel Racing has had a lot difficulties, but many fun times, too. I want to share some of the day to day life stuff with you.

We have practice every Monday night and we work as hard as we can to beat old times that we have set for ourselves. On Saturday we have a fun day and we go on trail rides down by the lake. We have a great time!

4-H to me is like a big happy family. If we fall we help each other get back up and we cheer each other on when we are timing ourselves. This is my first year to ride and it really helps when all the girls tell you what you need to fix and how to do it. But through it all, I think that it is very relaxing, yet competitive all at the same time.

My best memory this year has to be going on a trail ride with a bunch of other students and seeing all the horses, but especially all the smiles that it brings.

Right now we are training for a competition for the upcoming year. As we practice and work on getting our times down we have to be very positive that the horse will do good.

4-H is about more than riding horses, though. It teaches you how to communicate with people. It helps create stronger relationships with others and God, and trains me how to maintain good strong friendships.

As tough as it is to be a dorm student and not being near my family, it helps strenghten our relationships. As the Christmas holiday comes and joy and tension are present, all that I have learned in 4-H actually helps the relationship I have with my family. And that's a good thing!