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Family Ministries
Feb 27, 2017

The love, encouragement, and support that I had so graciously bestowed upon me while at FCA was very beneficial in my life. The Lord used so many staff members to show me what a young, Christ-like lady should look like. For my entire high school career, I was prayed for and invested in.

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From Stressed to Determined
Feb 14, 2017

Stressed, Overwhelmed, Scared. These are some words to describe the search for College. 3 years ago, I never suspected that I would have the ability to do half of the things I have been able to do at French Camp. 3 years ago, I never suspected that I would be accepted into Belhaven college. 3 years ago, I would have never guessed that more than half of the cost for Belhaven would be paid for.

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4-H Barrel Racing
Dec 20, 2016

4-H is about more than riding horses, though. It teaches you how to communicate with people. It helps create stronger relationships with others and God, and trains me how to maintain good strong friendships.

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